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Winter Seasonals now available:

Leinie Snowdrift Vanilla Porter

Leinie Pomegranate Shandy

Castle Danger George Hunter Stout

Sam Adams Winter Lager

Sam Adams White Christmas

Schell Snowstorm

Third St. Brewhouse Sugar Shack

Woodchuck Winter Chill

Mike's Hard Blackberry Pear

Blue Moon Pacific Apricot Wheat

Summit Winter Ale

Bell's Winter White

Bell’s Christmas Ale

Sierra Nevada Celebration

Redd’s Black Cherry

Bent Brewstillery Maroon & Bold

Sociable Cider Werks Rusty Chain

Finnegan’s Dead Irish Poet

Fair State Giantsbane

Waconia Laketown Brown




New Products

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-Utepils Brewing

-Tiger Beer

-Fair State Brewing Co-Op

-Blue Moon Mango Wheat

-Henry’s Hard Sparkling Seltzer

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