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Brand News

  Congratulations to the following 2015 Great American Beer Festival award winners!

American Style Lager or Light Lager--Gold: Coors Banquet

Vienna Style Lager--Bronze:  August Schell Firebrick

Kellerbier or Zwickelbier--Bronze: Fargo Brewing Company Original


  Congratulations to the following 2015 World Beer Cup winners!  

(awarded every two years)

Classic English-Style Pale Ale--Silver:  Summit Extra Pale Ale

Vienna-Style Lager--Gold:  August Schell Firebrick

American-Style Lager or Light Lager or Pilsner--Gold: Coors Light   Silver: Miller Genuine Draft  Bronze: Coors Banquet

American-Style Brown Ale--Bronze:  Grand Teton Bitch Creek ESB

American-Style Cream Ale--Gold:  Old Style   Silver:  Icehouse

Irish-Style Red Ale--Gold:  Killian's Irish Red

Rye Beer--Silver:  Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye

International-Style Lager--Gold:  Asahi Super Dry

Spring Seasonals now available:

Leinie Beer Garten Tart

Leinie Summer Shandy

Sam Adams Cold Snap

Sam Adams Crystal Ale

Schell Maifest

Schell Schmaltz’ Alt

Schell Shocked Radler

Woodchuck Barrel Select

Mike's Hard Raspberry Elderflower

Blue Mooon First Peach Ale

Summit Maibock

Angry Orchard Cinnful

Bell's Smitten Rye Ale

Big Sky Slow Elk Oatmeal Stout

Sierra Nevada Tropical IPA

Fargo Mighty Red

Bent Brewstillery Uber Lupin

Redd’s Cranberry Ale


New Products

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-Insight Brewing

-Henry’s Hard Soda

-612 Brew

-Barley John’s Brewing Co.

-Third St. Brewhouse Hop Lift IPA

-Finnegan’s Hoppy Shepherd IPA

-Leinenkugel’s Beer Garten Tart

-Tecate Michelada Diablo

-Smirnoff Ice Electric

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